Research Field: Marxian Economics; Sraffa Model; History of Economic Thought; Economic History; Economic Sociology
Office: zhangjunfu@cuhk.edu.cn
Research Field: Optical communication system, optical signal processing, nonlinear fiber optics.
Email: zhanghonghui@cuhk.edu.cn
Research Field: Early Modern Europe; Imperial China; Food Studies; History of Medicine; History of Science and Technology
Email: zhangmiaosi@cuhk.edu.cn
Professional athlete in Sichuan Province and trained with the team in China National Team and Australia (Brisbane) respectively. Won the Sichuan Provincial swimming Championships and her athletic rating is Grade One.
Research Field: sports training, swimming
Email: zhoumanlu@cuhk.edu.cn
Office: 235-16549
Program Coordinator of the BA Translation Program at HSS; Certified CATTI Level-One Interpreter; multi-year language service experience across multiple industries. Research and teaching: interpreting pedagogy and practice
Research Field: interpreting pedagogy and practice
Email: zhoubo@cuhk.edu.cn
Research Field: Sports Sociology
Email: zhangping18@cuhk.edu.cn