What is SALL?

SALL is an acronym which is formed by taking the first letter of each word of the full term “Self- Access Language Learning” to form a word of its own. In SALL, students can choose to use learning materials or participate in language activities according to their own needs and for their own purposes. Students are expected to decide for themselves when to study, the materials to use to suit their learning needs and at the pace of study they are comfortable with.

What does the SALL Centre do?

The SALL Centre is the self-access English language learning lab(语言自学中心) wherein many different types of services are being offered to students who want to improve their English language ability while pursuing their study at CUHK-SZ.

The founding of the SALL Centre is premised on the assumption that each student should be able to approach language learning in a way that suits his or her own language needs and learning style. 

The objectives of the SALL Centre are as follows:

1. To help students develop their level of English language proficiency

2. To create for students the appropriate linguistic environment to facilitate communication and self-expression in English

3. To inculcate in students self-study skills, including the skills in identifying pertinent sources of material to help them complete tasks and assignments in English

4. To help students acquire the skills to work independently to improve their English language ability

The SALL Center

Title: Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes , Lecturer in the SALL Centre
email: laurajoneskatz@cuhk.edu.cn
Title: Lecturer in the SALL Centre
email: liuliming@cuhk.edu.cn
Title: Lecturer in the SALL Centre
email: panghui@cuhk.edu.cn

Contact us


Tel0755 - 84273088

Location 4th Floor,the Library, Zhixin Building

Opening hours Moday ~ Friday 10:00AM ~ 18:00 PM

                              Saturday: 10:00AM ~ 13:00 AM