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Submissions include:

1. Application Form;

2. Originals of university degree achievement records or their equivalents specifying all the courses studied and scores thereof;

3. A copy of degree certificates and profesional qualifications (college diplomas, batchelor degree's certificates, examination results and other credential documents);

4. Originals of English proficiency tests proving an applicant's satisifation of entry requirments;

5. 2 confidential reference letters;

6. Registration Fee and Receipt (specifying an applicant's name and ID or passport number);

7. A copy of ID card or passport;

8. Additional documents if necessary.


Achievement records and confidential reference letters shall be directly posted to a school/programme office by an applicant's schools or referees. Alternatively, these documents may be placed in an envelope sealed with a school's seal or signed by a referee and sent to the school/programme office along with other documents.


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