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Exploration into China’s fansub groups—take YYeTs as an example

  • 2019.12.11
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In this talk I will share my experience as a fansubber in China’s biggest fansub group—YYeTs and introduce the working rules and procedures within YYeTs. Then I will share some interesting examples I have found in doing the subtitle translation. Specifically, I will present one case study—the translation project of Bohemian Rhapsody, and show how the work is distributed, coordinated and completed within the project group. During the talk, the audience will also get to know a few inside stories about China’s popular fansub groups.

Topic:Exploration into China’s fansub groups—take YYeTs as an example

Date:December 11th, 2019, wednesday

Time: 15:30-17:00

Venue: Room 201, Teaching A

Speaker: Ms. Chen Xingxiao

About the Speaker:

With a BA in Translation and Interpreting from Wuhan University and a MA in Global Communication from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Chen Xingxiao is a typical slashie. Apart from working in Shenzhen Foreign Language School as an English teacher, she is also an experienced fansubber in YYeTs. She has been in the group for more than 6 years since 2013, translating over 80 TV series, over 50 films and over 30 documentaries, altogether over 7000 minutes. Besides this, she also works as a part-time translator for Lonely Planet, one of the world’s largest travel guide book publishers.