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Physical Fitness Test Center

You probally know little about physical fitness,but you must hear of such concepts as physical quality,stamina and so on. Physical fitness is an ability that people have sufficent energy to work,study,enjoy leisure activities, and tackle emergencies.Include:Cardiopulmonary Endurance Fitness、Muscular Fitness、Body Composition and flexility.Sports can effectively improve people's physical fitness level.


Body composition

Students can know their Physical Age,Basal Metabolic Rate,Subcutaneous Fat Content,Visceral Fat Content,Muscle Content,Bone Mass,Limbs Fat and Muscle Distribution through body composition test.(Don't miss it if you want to have more muscles)

Cardiorespiratory fitness:Bench Test、Spirometry

Muscular Fitness:Grip,Sit-up,Standing Long Jump

Flexility:Sit And Reach