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Aurelien BOUCHER


Lecturer, GEC Course Leader

Education Background

Phd in Sociology (Nantes University, FRANCE)
--Thesis title: “Table tennis top-level athletes training system and reform in contemporary China: From Mao’s oblate to self-made man”.

MA in Sociology, in Sociology (Nantes University, FRANCE)
--Thesis title: “From official discourse to unofficial interest: An analysis of a local sport administration policy”

Research Field
Sport, educational strategies, social differentiation, modernity and individuation process

Academic Publications:

1. Boucher.A (2013). Penser l’école à travers le sport (et vis versa). Statégies scolaires et engagement sportifs des pongistes chinois. Cahiers de Recherches sur l’Education et les Savoirs, n°14, 227-244.
(English title: Think sport through school and vice-versa. Education strategies and sport career of Chinese table tennis players.) 
2. Boucher.A (2014). Zhongfa hezuo xiangmu_Qinghua daxue zhongfa zhongxin yunzuo ji guanli in Zhang Lihua & Wang Liang. Zhongguo wenhua waijiao ji yingxiang. (pp.218-227). Beijing : Zhizhi chanquan chuban she. 
3. Boucher A. (2013). Lu Xueyi, Li Peilin, Chen Guangjin (eds.), 2013 nian Zhongguo shehui xingshi fenxi yu yuce (Analyses and projections for Chinese society in 2013), China perspectives, 2013/3, 101-102. 
4. Boucher, A. (2011). Servir la population et/ou servir les élus : comment les cadres territoriaux se représentent-ils leur action ? in Mollet, F. Servir: Engagement, dévouement, asservissement les ambiguïtés du lien social. (pp.81-92). Paris : L’Harmattan. 
(English Title: Serve people or serve politician: How local government officer define their own work?) 
5. Boucher, A. (2010). Les Usages politiques des politiques publiques et des enquêtes sociologiques. L’instrumentalisation d’une politique sportive départementale et de son évaluation. Sport et sciences sociales, n°3, 157-192. 
(English title: The political use of public policy and of their evaluation. The case of a local sport policy and of its evaluation.) 
6. Boucher, A. (2008). The introduction of sport in China. China Perspectives, 2008-01, 50-56.
7. Boucher, A. (2008). La Naissance du Sport en Chine, Paris: Publibook.
(English Title: The birth of sport in China.)